Sunday, July 15, 2012

intentions, constraints, & future possibilities

I do not intend to abandon this project, and do intend to produce further updates.

I'm happy to say that among the constraints that have held me back from doing so sooner is the abundance of options, more than I could possibly juggle for a single iteration. Another is embarrassment, over the initial version's lack of usability, and frustration over initially not knowing how to fix it.

The future offers even more options, as new and interesting ways of interacting with computers become available, such as The LEAP.

How much of what has already been bubbling on the back burner I may ever actually get done, much less the new possibilities that are opening up, I can't say. Not only do I not know myself, but even if I did that would be promising something I haven't yet delivered. I just want to say, in case there's anyone out there waiting for version 1.2, or 2.0, or whatever it might be called, I'm looking forward to it also!

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