Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thanks for the very helpful reviews!

After three weeks of silence, there are now two, very helpful reviews of RatioKey on the App Store.

My thanks to the authors, especially with regard to the suggestion to use a Diamond Marimba interface (see also tonality diamond). I wish I'd known about that six months ago!

I can't talk about plans for future versions, if any, but such suggestions are sure to find their way onto my todo list, or, if they're already there, increase their priority. I have a lot of ideas for RatioKey or related applications, which are waiting on time, focus, and clarity (a clear notion of the larger context, which is largely about data formats). Given clarity, I can find focus and make time. Of course, anything I come up with must pass muster with Apple's reviewers, so I can't promise anything until it's actually available for download.

Let me say that I welcome competition. I'd hate to think that the potential of the iPad (and touchscreen devices in general) to help liberate us all from the equal tempered scale depended on the spare-time application of my own modest programming skills. RatioKey as it currently exists is, as much as anything, a vector for getting the idea of specifying ratios by adjusting their prime power components out into the noosphere. I hope to see and hear that come back in the form of new apps written by others.

Meanwhile, I'll be struggling with that clarity issue and whittling away at my todo list.

Please note that there's a lag between the completion of a new version and its availability on the App Store, even assuming that it's approved promptly, once reviewed, so if a new version were to appear within the next few days, it wouldn't reflect what's been discussed here. That will have to wait for later.

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